As an independent brokerage firm Solutions for Life, Inc. represents the policy owner in the settlement process. By working with only the top institutionally funded settlement providers it is our goal to negotiate the highest settlement for our clients.

Below is a summary of the settlement process:

• A comprehensive telephone evaluation is conducted with every individual, financial planner, insurance agent, etc., prior to an application being presented to the client for completion.

•Once a completed application is received the information is reviewed to make sure that all documents have been properly completed.

•Using standard authorization forms, both medical and insurance information is requested. The insured's physicians are then contacted to obtain past and current medical information as well as the policy owner's insurance carrier for all policy values and information.

•Once the requested information is received the information is submitted to multiple provider groups that are licensed in that respective state. (In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the insured, the medical and insurance information that has been obtained will be distributed to licensed Life Settlement provider groups only).

•Once an offer is received it is immediately relayed to the client, financial planner or insurance agent for evaluation. The policy owner is under no obligation to accept any offer.

• If an offer is accepted Solutions for Life will then assist both the owner of the policy and the provider group in the completion of the change of ownership and beneficiary rights to complete the transaction.

•Solutions for Life will then oversee disbursement of funds to the seller(s) of the policy. Payment is completed via bank check or wire transfer within three (3) business days following completion of the transaction, depending on existing state law and provider agreement in non-regulated states.


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